Media corporation established its industrial production line in a factory that covers 750 square meter in Eastern Tehran in 2017. With the help of our devoted and experienced personnel and creation of a suitable production area and practical storing of raw materials, we have managed to increase our efficiency and enhance the quality and the variety of our productions. Also Media sales department has established a permanent exhibition of our products in a suitable area in the company which presents a wide range of our goods to our customers. All of these operations have been designed and performed based on our organizational attitude. We hope to continue our road toward success and permanent quality enhancement with the use of comments and cooperation of our counterparts in elevator industry.
We want to be the best In everything we do! We understand that means more than just words. Being ahead of the game, producing "one-of-a-kind" products and giving the service you deserve is something you can expect from us. This is how our Swabian tradition shows inventive talent, spirited enthusiasm, dynamic i znnovation and a close customer relationship. That is what MEDIA has done for 15 years. Nearly everywhere ... because our variety of products – operating and indicating elements, buttons, fixtures and Lift Info Systems for the modern lift – is in service worldwide. Presence is what made us a leader in technology today, and is leading us to success in the future. Nationally and internationally. Optimum is our goal – from this precept originates our product world, which is traditionally created and produced in-house. Distinctive in technology and design. From single buttons to complete fixtures, standard versions to custom-made design. All at a high level of excellence. Quality is what we give our customers, from the first idea to the follow-up servicing.

Media Elevator Panel Co.

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